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I'm RPGBeardo, and I specialize in crafting top-quality assets for game developers. Commitment to excellence drives every aspect of my work, from the meticulous design of each asset to seamless integration within your projects.


In my world, triple-A isn't just a buzzword – it's a statement of dedication to the highest possible quality standards. My assets are not only visually stunning but also technically precise, ensuring top-notch optimization and usability.

Take a peek, and unveil the magic behind my game-ready assets.

Profile Picture - Rennaissance Man


My flagship product, the Procedural Medieval Weapons Kit, exemplifies my philosophy. It includes over 130 meticulously crafted meshes with customizable materials, allowing you to create countless weapon variations that fit seamlessly into your game's world.

Innovative Features - From Concept to Implementation

My work doesn't end with asset creation. The plugin offers unprecedented flexibility, enabling you to determine which aspects of the weapon creation process you want to control directly and which you want the programming to handle. From handpicking components to randomizing materials based on modular weighted lists, you can create unique, theme-fitting weapons for every character.

Inside the pack, you'll currently find 50 base weapons, split into these categories:

  • Arming Swords (one handed swords)

  • Longswords (bastard swords)

  • Greatswords

  • One-handed (blacksmith) hammers

  • Mallets (carpenter's/wooden hammers)

  • Sledgehammers (two-handed hammers)

  • Mauls (two-handed wooden hammers)

  • Hatchets (light/hunter's axes)

  • Axes (one handed axes)

  • Great Axes (two handed axes)

  • Cudgels (clubs)

  • Battlestaffs

  • Javelins (~1.2m shaft length)

  • Shortspears (~ 1.8m shaft length)

  • Longspears (~ 3m shaft length)

       ... with more to come

Assorted Longsword 3D Assets

Imagine your hero finding an old rusty sword, and embarking on a quest to have it restored to it's old, long forgotten glory.

Nobles, men-at-arms, peasants, brigands. They all did maintain their weapons in different ways, and this plugin enables you to reflect that in Your world. Thanks to runtime enabled wear and tear utilizing custom blend maps and smooth, curve based interpolation, your weapon's materials will gradually turn from pristine, meticulously maintained weapons of war to ancient, rusty tools that were left out in the field, at the mercy of elements for decades.


Community and Support

I believe in fostering a strong community of developers. Join my dedicated Discord server, where you can connect with other professionals, share experiences, and get support for any questions or issues you encounter. My community is growing, and I’d love to see you become a part of it!

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